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Jessica N. Abraham, Internet Marketing Consultant of Shorty Produkshins and J. Abraham Consultants. She is a consultant to the field and a specialist of Social Branding and Event Marketing, as well as Search Engine Optimization... otherwise known as SEO. She calls both Pittsburgh and Orlando home.




  Who is Jessica N. Abraham?  


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internet marketing orlando, internet marketing pittsburgh, internet marketing punxsutawney, jessica abraham, jessica n abraham, social branding, event marketing, public relations. Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company, specializing in Social Branding, Event Marketing and Advanced Internet Marketing and SEO Tactic. Shorty Produkshins provides also design strategies and public relations to Orlando, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

In 2001, Jessica N. Abraham created a company, out of necessity, that would mold her whole life's journey into something unheard of for a 15-year-old Arab American woman. Two years later, she officially opened doors for business. This business became supported by those around her almost immediately.

Jessica Abraham started as most do today, she had a dream. She took that dream and made many sarifices into making that dream come true. Unlike many, she was open to marginalization and allowed the record label/studio that she had started to evolve into the successful marketing company it is today.

Over the years, she has leant hand to the careers and successful marketing campaigns of many around the World. As time passes, she adds more projects related to her personal interests. Today, not only is she an Internet Marketing Expert and business owner, but at 28 year of age, she also gives consultation in the areas of Marketing, Relationship Advice and Life & Business Coaching. She is a writer for the Orlando Examiner, Yahoo! Contributor and her own Internet Marketing blog.



Jessica Abraham is an Orlando Marketing Examiner for The Examiner Online Publication and News Syndicate. She gives the latest in internet marketing news and stories on the elements of internet marketing.

Jessica Abraha gives 24/7 relationship and dating advice by phone. Does he love me? How can I make her happy? What should do you get a man for Valentine's Day?

Find Inspiration is a life and business coaching platform and advice line allowing you to chat about life and business coaching and needs.

AWE is Arab Women Empowered. Jessica Abraham created Arab Women Empowered in hopes of bringing unity to Arab American women, who face diversity, challenges, oppression and more on a daily basis. We provide sisterhood and empowerment to women of the Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures.














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